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Becoming An Actor - A 12 Week Program


These 2 courses are designed to help people with all levels of acting experience explore, improve and grow with their art and career.

Whether you are an actor for the stage or specialize in Film/TV, these courses will help you to go deeper into each role and discover new techniques, ideas and methods for your individual toolbox. They also provide you with the ability to network with other talent and professionals where you will learn insider tips and processes for turning your talent and skills into something you get paid to do.


Mondays are for Beginners & Intermediate Actors: you will be learning acting techniques using a combination of Meisner and Stanislavski techniques. Meisner focused on truth in Acting, and Stanislavski uses emotional memory techniques.

Tuesdays are for Advanced Actors with a body of experience (either stage or screen) and digs deep into the exploration of a role and further explores the authentic and reality based world surrounding the character.

Each class includes: The full 12 week program, scene work, on-camera review, a full production weekend shoot with each student receiving a demo scene for their reel or personal archives, on-set etiquette, auditioning, classes conducted by guest directors, agents, industry professionals as well as introductions to photographers, make-up artists and casting directors.

The FULL COURSE DETAILS can be downloaded here.

COURSE COST: $989(per course)
or 2 payments of $525(per course)
EACH COURSE consists of 12 classes

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