Consulting Services

Your web presence is the gateway to your online marketing. It represents your website, your social media messages and ultimately everything your business is about. In our experience, the largest businesses can lose track of their brand essence and message. Your business can expand its brand by getting back on track.

Video is the medium you want to embrace. We help you to capture the ideas you want to share and help to show you how to create videos easily and on budget.

We've helped hundreds of businesses over the last 30 years with their marketing and advertising.  Now is the time to create and design video messages and deliver them with integrity and authenticity.

We can consult with you and your business remotely or in person. If we come to you and travel expenses (over-night, hotel, gas and meals) are required, those expenses are added to the invoice above the rates we offer. Remote connection using the telephone, email, Skype, or FaceTime - is always available.